AN OCEAN OF Opportunity

Too Big to Ignore

For Queensland’s tourism businesses and communities, climate change is both a risk and an opportunity too big to ignore. Increasing costs of extreme weather events, changes to natural resources, and the transition towards a decarbonised global economy are all highly relevant to tourism.

A strategic plan, underpinned by ambitious actions, will support Queensland’s tourism industry to respond to climate risks and opportunities.

Against the background of the wider Queensland policy framework on climate change, the Building a resilient tourism industry: Queensland Tourism Climate Change Response Plan (Tourism Sector Adaptation Plan) provides a roadmap for the tourism industry to respond proactively to climate change, and to lead the way as a steward for the environment and a key contributor to community wellbeing.

Tourism industry leading the way towards carbon neutrality:

Electrification Accelerate uptake and investment into the electrification of the transport system and fleet (in combination with decarbonising electricity supply through increased use of renewable energy).

Employing A Fleet

The H2Rendezvous Project offers exceptional value for money and the numerous benefits are very easily identified.

  • A successful demonstration of Hydrogen as a replacement zero emission fuel in the highly visible Qld marine tourism industry
  • Reflecting the values and qualities of Rendezvous’ area of operation within the Whitsunday Island National Parks and The Great Barrier Reef – A perfect example of an Eco-tourism operation
  • An eloquent, popular highly visible exhibition of Hydrogen utilised in a mobile ecosystem
  • Attract future investment within Qld for the adaptation of hydrogen as a viable replacement for fossil fuels both for road and commercial marine transport
  • An example of local production and use of Hydrogen by utilising natural resources, creating a new wave of high-value, innovation-focused jobs in the process.
  • Offer a locally based fuel economy. Hydrogen supply agreements will empower hydrogen suppliers and end users to negotiate their individual hydrogen supply needs and pricing.

The growth of the hydrogen industry will create significant construction and operational jobs and generate broader supply chain development for Queensland manufacturers.

Employment & Training for a Post Covid-19 Recovery

The H2Rendezvous project has endeavoured to maximise QLD and particularly local Whitsunday Region content and opportunities. The construction of the vessel will take place H2Marine strategically located 3kms west of the Port of Shute Harbour supporting and expanding the local boat building industry and associated trades supporting local contracting services. New employment will be created, and the project will support local shipwright apprentices allowing apprentices to learn modern boatbuilding techniques. This will be a lifeline to an industry starved of new builds as less than 5% of new boats are built in Australia.

The procurement of the storage tanks, fuel cells and installation of the Hydrogen system will be with a QLD based Hydrogen engineering company securing jobs in QLD not only during the construction but for all ongoing maintenance indefinitely.

The H2Rendezvous project has endeavoured to maximise QLD and in particular local Whitsunday Region content and opportunities. The construction of the vessel will take place in the Whitsundays, supporting and expanding the local boat building industry and associated supporting contracting services. New employment opportunities will be created, and the project will support local shipwright apprenticeships, allowing apprentice’s to take part and learn modern new build construction techniques.

At every level the H2Rendezvous Project has sort out and engaged the most highly skilled, experienced and reputable professionals in their field. Fortunately, a majority of these companies are owned and operated in QLD.

Bury Design is a studio specialising in the design and development of pleasure and commercial vessels. Aesthetic sense coupled with technical skills allow Bury Design to create beautiful and well-engineered vessels. Focus for each and every design is efficiency – of build, of maintenance and of operation.

The principal of the company, Paul Bury, has worked in the industry for over 20 years and brings extensive technical and practical experience in all aspects of modern yacht design.

Before starting Bury Design, Paul was most recently chief designer at Tripp Design, USA. and before that with Wally Yachts, Italy, working primarily with large, high performance cruising boats. Paul, trained as an Aerospace Engineer. He holds membership of Engineers Australia, RINA and is an accredited AMSA marine surveyor.

Bury Design is regularly involved with a number of industry professionals providing specialist services, thereby allowing rapid and high quality design development on large scale projects.

H2H Energy is proudly Australian owned and has been operating since 2009 and now based in Queensland.

With the now widespread recognition that the utilisation of Hydrogen ,as a clean and renewable energy carrier, is key to successfully decarbonising various areas of the energy sector, many organisations are looking to implement its use across the energy landscape.


Whilst the technology is available, the industry is in a rapid growth phase and with this rapidly developing market there are a number of new entrants and technologies to assess.

H2H has a wealth of knowledge and importantly, practical experience, dealing with the vast majority of suppliers with well-founded relationships already established. It can be challenging for many businesses and organisations to effectively assess the wide range of suppliers and technologies available. They are in a unique position to not only effectively scope our project but also design a solution with the “real world” knowledge and experience of available products.

They have proven success in integrating various components from multiple suppliers, both locally and internationally sourced. They work through the many complexities that this global sourcing presents, such as customisation to meet local standards and interface issues between vendors.

H2H has a wide range and depth of trusted sub-contractor resources with working relationships developed over many years of successful project delivery.

Protecting The Great Barrier Reef For Future Generations